Volvemos con los pasatiempos (word games), esta vez para poner a prueba tu nivel de phrasal verbs.

Estas combinaciones de verbos y preposiciones son muy frecuentes en inglés, especialmente oral. ¡Los nativos los utilizan constantemente! Lo mejor es estudiarlos relacionados con un tema y entrenar tus habilidades de deducción para entender su significado en cada contexto. Hay tantos que es imposible memorizarlos todos…

Esta vez hemos escogido los más utilizados para hablar del verano. Are you ready for this challenge?


   1.  After a very hot morning, we decided to hit the beach to cool off.


    1. to be trendier and more stylish
    2. to find relief from heat
    3. to calm down


   2.  Kids like to splash around in the water all day during the summer.


    1. to swing their arms and legs in the water
    2. to annoy people by playing in the water very close to them
    3. to swim around the swimming pool without stopping.


   3.  Mark works too hard, I hope he gets away for a few days soon.


    1. to do something without being discovered
    2. to disappear without notice
    3. to take a trip 


   4.  They have had a very busy year, it’s time for them to wind down.


    1. to breathe fresh air
    2. to go away on holidays
    3. to relax


   5.  You need to finish packing, we’re about to set off!

    1. to start a journey
    2. to fill up a suitcase
    3. to get angry about waiting for too long


   6.  We went surfing and soaked up the atmosphere.

    1. to get really wet
    2. to enjoy the experience of something
    3. to swallow a lot of water


   7.  Bryan and Jennifer are so tired that they just want to veg out at home.


    1. to become a vegetarian
    2. to eat more vegetables in order to be healthier
    3. to relax by doing something that needs very little effort


   8.  Gina is very active, she loves to pack a lot into her holidays.


    1. to put a lot of things in her suitcase or backpack
    2. to do lots of things
    3. to practice sports all the time


   9.  I’m visiting my friends in London next week, I hope they can show me around the city.

    1. to introduce someone to other people
    2. to go with someone to the main parts of a place so they can see what it’s like
    3. to give directions to visit a place


   10.  The place was so beautiful that we wanted to stay on!

    1. not go home when we intended to
    2. take lots of pictures in a place
    3. move away to live in another place


¿Cuántas has acertado? ¿Qué otros phrasal verbs conoces para hablar de tus viajes y tus vacaciones? ¡Cuéntanoslo en los comentarios de nuestras RR.SS.!

Respuestas correctas: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a, 6b, 7c, 8b, 9b, 10a

Estamos todos de acuerdo en que en esta vida hay que ser agradecidos ¿verdad? ¡Pero no tenemos por qué ser repetitivos! Por eso, en el post de hoy vamos a ver diferentes formas de cómo dar las gracias en inglés además de los ya requeteconocidos y usados thanks y thank you.